Where can I find the Invivo Viewer?

There are now 2 ways to view your files!

Invivo Workspace Viewer

  1. Login to your Invivo Workspace account.
  2. Select the case drop down arrow and scroll over the file Icon.

Note: If the file is able to be viewed in the Invivo Viewer it will displays a blue "Preview" bubble.

Desktop Invivo Viewer

We offer a free Invivo Viewer to view your .inv files.

  1. Go to www.osteoidinc.com and click the Dr. Login button in the upper right corner. Use the following username and password to access the Invivo Viewer download:
    1. Username: download
    2. Password: softwarefiles

We offer a Mac Version: InvivoDental Viewer 5.4 for Mac OS (opens .inv)

and a PC Version: InvivoDental Viewer 5.2 for PC (opens .inv)