What functions are included with the web viewer?

Free vs. Standard functions

  • Invivo Workspace users with a Free account will only have access to the 'Section' view tools.
  • Invivo Workspace users with a Standard account or higher will have access to the 'Section', 'ArchSection', 'Implant', 'Model', and 'Gallery' view tools.

Function Overview

  • Section View
    • The Section View Tab gives the ability to view the X, Y, and Z sections (axial, coronal, sagittal) simultaneously for 2D visualization, measurements, and the utilization of several image enhancement features. It also integrates 3D functions in the Section View Tab.
  • ArchSection View
    • ArchSection View Tab is a sectional image exploration view. Instead of conventional X-Y-Z sections, this view allows the user to review the image in dentally meaningful perspectives using multiple cross sections, traversing the lengths of the dental arches.
  • Implant View
    • The Implant View Tab contains implant information and views for reviewing existing implant plans.
  • Model View
    • The Model View Tab allows the user to see the patient's Invivo Model or 3D photograph and create surgical or orthodontic simulations, as well as 3D soft tissue predictions. An Invivo Model is a 3D digital study model that is made by Osteoid on a case-by-case service. The DICOM data of the patient is sent to Osteoid where it is modeled to create the most advanced digital study model available. Invivo Models contain anatomy such as roots, developing teeth, impactions, alveolar bone, and more, while other models merely show the crowns of teeth. The 3D photograph service that Osteoid offers is also viewed here. Osteoid developed the technology to combine a frontal photo of the patient and the CT scan to create a 3D model that overlays the scan data.
      Any nerve tracing, implant planning, or superimposition that has been done is also visible in the Model Tab. Each item can be independently turned on/off to see how all these systems come together with the scan data
  • Gallery View
    • The Gallery View Tab archives images that have been captured or imported in Invivo.

User Manual

  • The user manual that describes all the functions is available here.