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What are the different Invivo One plans?

Invivo One plans give you access to both our cloud-based Invivo Workspace and our Invivo Desktop application. The available plans are:

Invivo One Standard Plan

Invivo One Standard is the perfect choice for medical and technical professionals who need to share and communicate quickly and efficiently. With access to the full suite of cloud-based communication and sharing tools from Invivo Workspace, the standard subscription also gives you access to Invivo Desktop Lite, technical support and data storage.

Invivo One Premium Plan

Invivo One Premium is everything that small and medium dental practices need for complete 3D image analysis and treatment planning plus tools to communicate and share cases using the latest cloud technology. With all the features found in the Standard edition, this subscription includes the full Invivo Desktop application and double the cloud storage capacity.

Invivo One Ultimate Plan

Invivo One Ultimate is ideal for medical practices of any size looking to get the most out of the Invivo suite of products. This edition includes everything found in the Premium edition, with the addition of all of the Invivo Desktop application add-ons like 3D Analysis, Medical Design Studio, Stitching and Reports. 

Perpetual License

A perpetual license is a single license that can be installed on any one computer. This license is only for the Invivo Desktop application and requires an optional maintenance contract for technical support and product upgrades.


For more information please contact Osteoid Software Support at 408.333.3484 ext. 2 or support@osteoidinc.com for further assistance.