What are the differences between DICOM (.dcm), Invivo Files (.inv), Anatomage project files (.apj) and Anatomage files (.amg)?

Types of files associated with InvivoDental Software:

  • DICOM file (.dcm) – This is the raw file exported from the CBCT or CT machine. This is the universal file type for medical imaging.
  • Invivo file (.inv) – This is a proprietary file type. The Invivo file will contain patient’s scan data and work up data in a single file.
  • Project file (.apj) – This file only contains the work up data, i.e. nerve tracings, implant placements, etc. To open this file must be in the same folder as source files.
  • Anatomage file (.amg) – This file is the file created by our Surgical Guide and Anatomodel technicians after your case has been worked up.