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How do I login & logout of Invivo Desktop?

Logging In

To login to your Invivo Desktop application, use your Invivo Workspace login information.

Double clicking on the Invivo Desktop Icon on your desktop will display a login web page.

Sign In to your Invivo workspace account normally.

Upon your first successful launch of Invivo Desktop, the browser may display a popup asking to open a link using Invivo Workspace.

Select the Always Allow check box then select Open Link.

The Acknowledgement web page will display, then you be taken back to Invivo Desktop.

You are now logged into Invivo Desktop and can use it normally.

Logging Out

If you are done using the Invivo Desktop application. Simply navigate to the Account menu and select the sign out of... option.

You will be signed out of your Invivo Workspace account and Invivo Desktop will close.

Note: If you have not saved your work a save popup will display before the application closes.